Monty’s Turf and Ornamental offers products including an activated humic soil conditioner, low rate foliar foods, a micronutrient package, and an herbicide adjuvant/penetrant. All available in 2.5, 30, and 275 gallons.

It all starts with humic technology. Monty’s proprietary activated humic technology is designed to improve the overall vitality of your soil… for success you can see! Learn more about Monty’s humics here.

Monty’s performs various field tests and trials throughout the country on a variety of soils. Our experienced team of field representatives, agronomists, and Certified Crop Advisers are dedicated to your success. Learn more here.

Check out Monty’s products performing in the field. See side-by-side images, videos and testimonials from commercial and residential professionals throughout the country. Click to see photos, videos, and testimonials.

Monty’s Hottest News

Monty’s Vice President of Agronomy named to Soil Renaissance Group

Monty’s Plant Food Co., a leader in natural soil enhancement and plant fertility products, has hired Joe Koll as a Product Consultant and Sales Support Representative for portions of North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota.

Visit Monty’s Plant Food at Booth 914 at the National Farm Machinery Show

Monty’s Plant Food, a leader in natural soil enhancement and plant fertility products, will once again exhibit at this year’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky. After over 10 years in the West Wing, [...]

“Monty’s Premium Root & Bloom consistently makes my plants produce more blooms and better 
looking flowers than other brands.”
> Regina Schultz / 
Lawrenceburg, KY
“I used 4-5-2 Plus to help my newly renovated lawns, it produced a stronger plant that 
tolerated dry conditions better than the lawns I did not apply it to.”
> Joe Thompson / Triple T Properties / Bardstown, KY
“We use Nanobind 
and 6-11-5 AP in our hydro-seeding operation. It mixes well and helps produce a good stand 
in poor soils.”
> Matt Johnson / Kruer Seeding
 / Floyds Knobs, IN
“Monty’s Premium Growth 
is something I can offer 
with confidence 
because it works.”
> Drew Sullivan
 / Dickens Landscape Supply
 / Nashville, TN
“We recommend using Monty’s Microhance – it has a lot of micronutrients for plant health. We saw a very significant difference. I have seen results from Monty’s products. They just work.”
> Jason Briggs / 
Montgomery County Coop
 / Clarksville, TN
“I used Nanoboost on one of the zoysia sod fields with herbicide. The clover started to wilt in 5 hours after application and we got a better kill on all the weeds than we ever did with herbicide alone. I now use Nanoboost with every herbicide 
application, selective, and nonselective.”
> Greg Gundlach / Heartland Turf Farms / Columbia, IL

Monty’s Blog

Applying TurfVantage in the fall

Helpful information for growing beautiful plants Monty’s Plant Food application usage in the fall will lead to healthier plants and more vibrant blooms. The fall usually has homeowners slowing down on fertilization of their plants. [...]

Why use a soil conditioner?

Restore balance to your soil
 If your lawn and garden are showing signs of compaction, reduced nutrient availability and an increased dependence on chemicals, the reason is that your soil is out of balance.  The [...]

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