Can Humics Save the World?


By Joe Dedman There is food crisis around the world. We are reminded of this as we see the hungry faces of children in television commercials. We also [...]

Can Humics Save the World?2017-07-14T12:29:58+00:00

My Monty’s Moment… Chris Weaver


My name is Chris Weaver, I am an agronomist for The Mill. I have been working there since 2010. My wife, Megan and I have been married for [...]

My Monty’s Moment… Chris Weaver2017-07-14T12:29:58+00:00

Monty’s President named to Soil Renaissance Board


Monty’s Plant Food Co. announced today that its President Dennis Stephens has been named to the Soil Renaissance Thought Leader board. The Soil Renaissance is an initiative of [...]

Monty’s President named to Soil Renaissance Board2017-07-14T12:29:58+00:00

Hello world!


Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Monty’s Announces 2014 FFA Scholarship Recipients


Monty’s Plant Food Company is pleased to announce the recipients of its 2014 FFA Scholarships. The company will grant each recipient $1,000 to help fund their continuing education. [...]

Monty’s Announces 2014 FFA Scholarship Recipients2017-07-14T12:29:58+00:00
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