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Monty’s Plant Food Company has been pioneering advancements in the soil enhancement product manufacturing industry since 1997. Founded by Montrose “Monty” Justice,” an avid and award-winning gardener with a zest for life and an inquisitive character, Monty’s products are developed to be the best quality plant food on the market. By utilizing proprietary technology, Monty’s harnesses the power of purified humics and combines them with traditional macro and micro nutrients to develop innovative plant and soil solutions that are productive, economically feasible, environmentally sound and maximizes yields. More than twenty five years later, Monty’s retains its founder’s innovation, perseverance and spirit as a leader in the field of humics and soil health.

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A history of Monty’s

Monty JusticeMonty Justice’s hobby of growing roses became a lifelong passion which he turned into a business – Monty’s Rose Care – where his goal was to grow the healthiest and most beautiful roses for his customers. Monty planted and maintained rose gardens throughout the Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky areas. In order to grow the roses he desired, Monty needed a product that would provide readily available nutrients, would not burn and would not change the pH of the soil.  No such product existed, so Monty set out to create a liquid plant food that would give him the results he was looking for. After nearly two years of trial and error, he created the Monty’s Plant Food proprietary formulation that is still sold today.
Although not developed for sale, Monty’s formulation gained acclaim with Master Gardeners, Rose Growers and Garden Clubs across Kentucky and the southeast and was soon asked for by name.  Several Louisville, Kentucky garden centers and a local distributor took notice and inquired about selling the product. Monty’s Plant Food Company was established in 1997 to address the growing demand. The family business quickly grew to include customers in the Lawn & Garden, Greenhouse, Turf & Ornamental, and Agricultural industries.

20150902_112437-DD-SMALLHaving started with just three base N-P-K formulations, Monty’s now offers a complete line of products to meet the needs of their customers in all market segments across the United States as well as internationally. Although committed to obtaining the desired results from the plant, Monty’s focus on the soil has made it the leader in the fields of humic substances and soil health. Monty’s products are not only unique, but product performance and the commitment to the customer are second to none.

Still a privately held company with a family atmosphere, Monty’s Plant Food Company doesn’t take their success for granted.  From the company’s humble beginnings when Monty and members of his church would fill small bottles in his garage in the late 1990s, to shipping full tanker loads across the country, the folks at Monty’s appreciate the opportunity to work with every customer and are thankful for every sale. Monty Justice believed his plant food was a blessing because it had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives. His accomplishments are truly a gift to growers and gardeners around the world. As Monty himself said before he passed away in 2012, “The pleasure is in the giving.”