CrystalBallBy Joe Dedman

With increasingly unpredictable weather, new seed varieties and consistent pressure to increase yields, growers will more often be considering the health of their soil as a way to produce better quality crops and greater yields in 2015. Having spent half of my life in the fields and the other half as a researcher, that’s my prediction for this year.

I believe soil health and nutrient balance are the pieces of the puzzle that have been missing to take growers to the next level in crop production.

A grower’s primary focus is, obviously, to have high yields. Where these growers often go wrong, though, is that they look at different products to put ‘on’ the soil instead of ‘in’ the soil. Growers who have started using humic products, like Monty’s, are seeing healthier soil, and ultimately, higher yields. Here are a couple of reasons why:

  • Back to the Basics. When we get back to the basics, we get away from the complicated fertilizers and problem-solving band-aids; we get back to the fundamentals. Humics, by nature, are composite natural materials broken down over hundreds of years and are stimulants for the soil eco-system. By focusing underground and adding these natural, humic substances – directly applied to the soil or plant – the soil increases its productivity and you create a more natural and healthier foundation for plantings which increases productivity.
  • Purity & Solubility.  The humic substances in Monty’s products are purified to remove non-beneficial materials. In other products, there is clay and ash (non-beneficial material) bound to the humic. Because we are a true humic solution, Monty’s activated humics are the cleanest humic product available allowing for fast reactions that benefit both the eco-system and the crop. Most competitive products are a suspended humic. Suspended humics are not as active, are not water soluble, and often times settle out as sludge and clog nozzles.

With the New Year brings new thinking. If you haven’t considered your soil’s health, now is the time to start. As we all look for higher yields, it’s time that you analyze how well your soil is working for your crops and improvements you can make … for success you can see! For more information about Monty’s humics click here.