Applying TurfVantage in the fall

Fall Lawn CareHelpful information for growing beautiful plants

Monty’s Plant Food application usage in the fall will lead to healthier plants and more vibrant blooms. The fall usually has homeowners slowing down on fertilization of their plants. The rule has been do not overfertilize before winter because the plants will produce new growth that cannot withstand freezing temperatures. This statement should be recognized for the amount of nitrogen and fertilizers that must breakdown before absorption takes place. Monty’s fall formula will provide needed elements to prepare for winter as well as enhance the blooms as well as strengthen the stems. TurfVantage Premium Root & Bloom provides the needed nutrients as well as the ability to absorb external nutrients that the plant cannot normally absorb because of the structure that it may be in. A treatment of TurfVantage Humic LC Soil Conditioner will greatly benefit lawns and gardens.

The commercial growers can benefit from this product because of the tremendous growth that will result when using on Pansies, Chrysanthemums and other fall blooming flowers. The product can be used by foliar and/or root drench. The application of this product will enhance the grower’s ability to have a premium plant that will generate highly levels of income.

When selling bulbs our product will provide the essential nutrients to bulbs newly planted as well as established. Monty’s Plant Food will increase root development as well as root surface absorption. These applications will assure that the day lily grower will begin establishing stronger vibrant blooms throughout the following season.

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