By Joe Dedman

There is food crisis around the world. We are reminded of this as we see the hungry faces of children in television commercials. We also are reminded of this fact when we hear of food banks right here in America struggle to get enough good, quality food to feed families in need.

earth-from-space-westernWe have a world made up of 7 million individuals. By 2050, the World Bank predicts population will grow to 9 million. To feed this many people, the same organization supposes that we will need to produce 50% more food.

Large seed-producing companies have responded to this crisis by creating super seeds, with supposed higher yielding capacity. And fertilizer producers are reacting by adding additional forms of micronutrients to their compounds.

Joe-DedmanBut are these healthy – and sustainable – solutions to the crisis? Probably not, say organic farmers and those who are hyper-focused on soil health. Seeds can be manufactured to produce higher yields, but unless the soil can support the additional growth, these yields will never be realized. And, by spreading high-salt and acid based-fertilizers, the soil becomes weakened of its own nutrients, leading to degraded and inadequate growing soil.

With these concerns on growers’ minds, many have started turning their attention to the soil. The real question becomes “What can I put in the soil, not what can I put on it.” Growers who have started using humic programs are seeing results. Greater yields, greener fields, and ultimately healthier plants.

Humic substances are the major organic constituents of soil. Humics in the soil are produced from thousands of years of decomposition of organic matter. Humics stimulate microbial activity in soil and break up compacted soil. By doing this, humics assist in transferring micronutrients from the soil to the plant.

The benefits of humics are being proven by farmers around the world. It’s kind of like going back to the basics. By going underground and stimulating the soil eco-system, humics help make the soil work like it is supposed to work – before the days of genetically-modified seeds and chemically-enhanced fertilizers.

The foundation of Monty’s products are humics. Monty’s proprietary activated humic technology makes our products the most active and soluble humic available in the marketplace. We have formulated our products to the ideal humic to fulvic ratio to maximize yields and success. Monty’s humics are also a true humic solution, which makes them the cleanest available.

So, if humics can help the earth’s soil get healthy, more food will be produced, farmers will be successful and the world’s growing population will have access to hearty, healthy, and nutrient-rich foods. So, maybe humics can save the world?