Jewell-Grain-Pete (2) pictureSeveral years ago, Pete Karzynow at Jewell Grain Company in Jewell, Ohio, was looking for something to supplement the company’s fertilizer program due to the high price of fertilizer.  Karzynow thought Monty’s products might be just what he needed.

With Monty’s Karzynow began to see solutions to the many issues farmers were facing with local soils.

“Using the Monty’s carbon products gave us better soil health,” Karzynow said. “Monty’s has also helped our farmers by allowing them to use less fertilizer, while still increasing their yields.”

According to Karzynow, Monty’s also helped Jewell Grain increase its bottom line while helping farmers increase yields and improve soil health.

“Monty’s fit right into our program from day one,” Karzynow said. “By using Monty’s, we didn’t sacrifice our profitability from fertilizer.”

The sale of Monty’s products also helped Jewell Grain maintain a healthy business when glyphosate products dropped in price a few years ago. Due to those lower prices, Jewell Grain found it hard to maintain profits when spraying for farmers.

“Monty’s helped us maintain our profit margins and helped us to stay in business the last few years,” Karzynow said. “It was a lifesaver for our business.”

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