Late last year, Pete DeWire of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania accepted a challenge: to renovate two long-neglected soccer fields in his community.

Before taking on this project, DeWire had renovated nine sports fields in Snyder County. Word of his success spread, and in August 2012, the president of the Susquehanna Valley Soccer Club called and asked for his help. “My wife and I are both master gardeners,” said DeWire. “I enjoy renovating sports fields for the kids in our local community, so I was happy that my reputation had preceded me.”

On August 19, DeWire treated the fields with herbicide to remove all vegetation. A soil test indicated the need for compost, potassium and lime to be added to fields.

Once the mixture had been added and the fields had been leveled, grass seed was distributed, followed by an application of Monty’s Agrihance-S, Monty’s (Humic LC) Soil Conditioner and Monty’s Agri-Sweet at a rate of 64 ounces of each in 25 gallons of water per acre. Straw mulch was then spread over the fields.

DeWire-DaysPostSeed (2) pictureFour days later an unprecedented storm hit the area dumping three and a half inches of rain on the fields in an eight-hour period. The storm blew the straw off of the field and floated the seed. Three days after the storm, DeWire was back to work, removing the straw, re-grading and re-seeding the fields. “I also reapplied the Monty’s products to replace nutrients swept away in the storm,” said DeWire.

Grass began to emerge less than two weeks after the second planting. The first mowing occurred after 21 days. A second mowing was needed after 35 days. At that time, the fields were also treated with 64 ounces of Monty’s Humic LC Soil Conditioner as well as 40 ounces Monty’s TurfVantage Premium Growth per acre.

After the third mowing, 52 days following seeding, the fields were treated with TurfVantage Premium Root & Bloom for efficient nutrient management.

The fields are thriving. A recent soil test confirmed everything is in balance. The fields are almost playable, and DeWire looks forward to the kids returning to the fields this spring.

DeWire has tried competitors’ products in the past, but found Monty’s to be his secret weapon.

“Monty’s offers products for all seasons, all conditions and to fit all needs,” he said. “Whether you’re looking to grow or sustain, you can find the right products with Monty’s. Plus, their formulas mix exceptionally well, which means fewer applications.”

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