Soybean picIt is estimated that as much as 60% of plant efficiency, or crop yields, are determined prior to, and at, planting. This is a critical time as nutrient deficiencies at planting can affect plant growth throughout the season. Factors such as compaction, cool and wet weather conditions, heat and moisture stress, inadequate nutrient levels in the soils, and pH all contribute to these nutrient deficiencies.

All crops need the primary nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and the secondary nutrients calcium, magnesium and sulfur.  It is also important not to forget the micronutrients such as boron, copper, iron, manganese and zinc as well. A nutrient deficiency in one or more of these nutrients can lead to crop stress in the very early stages of growth and, consequently, loss of yield.

Acute deficiencies reveal themselves in most crops as visual abnormalities. “Hidden hunger,” or a lack of nutrients that does not reveal itself visually, is a much bigger thief of yields and profits as it often goes unnoticed.  Monty’s Plant Food has a complete line of quality products that can be applied at planting to help prevent nutrient deficiencies and help increase yields.  Specialty products such as Microhance, a single product containing 6 nutrients; K28, 28% liquid potassium; and Sulfur 15, 15% liquid sulfur are all available for application at planting to get your crops off to the best possible start, or they may be applied later in the season foliar.

Learn more about these products and how they can address your crop’s potential or actual nutrient deficiencies by contacting your local Monty’s dealer or call 800.978.6342. You can view our entire list of products here.