Transplanting trees with TurfVantage

Abstract-style shot of Smoketrees in pots at a nursery. Focus on foremost tree.The following directions can be used any time of year:

Dig a hole twice as wide as the diameter of the tree’s root ball. The depth of the hole should be the height of the root ball, so that the ball sits on solid ground. Place the tree ball in the hole. Fill the hole half-way with soil.

Saturate with diluted TurfVantage, mixed according to package directions (1/2 teaspoon of Monty’s Plant Food per gallon of water). After the water soaks in, fill hole the rest of the way with soil. Water again with diluted Monty’s until area around the ball is completely saturated. Mulch with 2” of a woody material, such as hardwood bark or pine bark.

000018679057-SmallWater with Monty’s every two to three weeks in hot weather. In cool weather, re-watering is not required. Continue this pattern for first full season.

Once roots are established in the spring, use Monty’s Green or Yellow Label. Spray the leaves as often as desired to produce a healthy tree. Healthy plants produce good growth.

Note: If transplanting a tree into a pot, soak the root ball prior to planting, using the same Monty’s dilution instructions as above. Click here for more information about TurfVantage 6-11-5 AP or call 1-800-978-6342.


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