This spring, frigid temperatures might prevent you from planting at the ideal time and in ideal conditions. But there are concrete steps you can take to give your crops the greatest opportunity to start strong.

Patience is key, as many growers are aware. “We all want to get our crops planted as soon as possible in the spring, but planting before the soil temperature reaches 50 degrees will hinder, if not stall plant growth,” says Joe Dedman, Vice President of Agronomy at Monty’s Plant Food.

If planting is delayed, you need to go above and beyond your normal seeding practices with an application of Monty’s Liquid Carbon. Liquid Carbon is a soil conditioner that features our activated humics technology. It works immediately to reduce soil compaction associated with cool, wet conditions and to improve overall soil health.

At planting, you’ll get the best results by adding Monty’s Liquid Carbon to your current starter. Before planting, Liquid Carbon may be applied with pre-chemical applications or at burn down.

“You need to give your seeds the best soil conditions to germinate and thrive in,” says Dedman. “Adding a product such as Monty’s Liquid Carbon to the soil at the same time as your starter enhances a plant’s micronutrient uptake giving it an added accelerant to enhance growth. Monty’s Liquid Carbon also increases microbial activity and helps improve moisture management.”

Something else to be aware of this spring, as the price of starter fertilizer increases, is taking steps to maximize every input dollar. Monty’s starter (Agrihance-S) is a smart, economical alternative to increasing fertilizer rates. It combines the benefits of Liquid Carbon with nutrients essential for faster seedling emergence and root development and can be used in the row on the seed.

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