Monty’s Plant Food Co. announced today that its President Dennis Stephens has been named to the Soil Renaissance Thought Leader board. The Soil Renaissance is an initiative of the Farm Foundation, NFP, and The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation designed to bring attention to the critical role of soil health in the challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

The Initiative evolved from discussions by 25 leaders, including Stephens, representing conventional and organic agriculture, science and research, land managers and policymakers. The Soil Renaissance seeks to make maintenance and improvement of soil the cornerstone of land use management decisions; cultivating the knowledge to sustain Earth’s most valuable asset. Stephens will work with the Economics Goal Strategic Planning Work Group within the Soil Renaissance project using his commercial farming knowledge and land management expertise to demonstrate that farming practices which lead to soil health are in the farmer’s best economic interests.

Over the last 17 years Monty’s has established itself as a global leader in soil health. “It was important to bring leaders like Dennis Stephens into the conversation about soil health,” said Brook Gaskamp, Soil Renaissance Project Coordinator. “He has a proven track record of advancing soil health, across industries, and his contribution will only further the critical work of the Soil Renaissance.”

Stephens was a generational farmer from central Kentucky who years ago took the innovative step of focusing on enhanced soil health on his commercial farm. “As growers it is our responsibility to continually seek ways to enrich the soil that feeds us,” said Stephens. “Soil is our greatest natural resource; I am honored to serve with others seeking to educate growers about practices which will not only benefit the farmer, but also preserve this treasure needed to feed future generations.”

Stephens went on to say, “Monty’s continues to be on the cutting edge of soil health, researching new ways to improve the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the soil.” Joining Stephens are ‘Thought Leaders’ working in production agriculture, agribusiness, the academic community, NGOs and government agencies.