My name is Chris Weaver, I am an agronomist for The Mill. I have been working there since 2010. My wife, Megan and I have been married for five years and have a 3 month old baby Mackenzie Lynn. My family is blessed to be farming on the same farm for five generation. My father, Richard, brother Chip, and my Grand Father farm about 400 acres of corn, soybeans and hay as well run a feed lot and Angus cattle operation. I went to college at the University Of Maryland where I studied Business management.

I was first introduced to Monty’s by Marc Fuchs. We took an old dairy lagoon that had been filled with fill dirt and wasn’t producing; used the Montys carbon in 2011 and saw an increase in yield where we used it. However in 2012 is where we saw a big difference where we treated the same ground with carbon and had a check. The area treated two years did over 140 bushel per acre vs the check that only did around 45 bushel per acre. This is when I became a believer in the Monty’s Liquid Carbon.

Chris WeaverI started in 2012 as well comparing the Monty’s Agrihance®-V and Agrihance R on soybeans. At two quart per acre I was worried that we weren’t using enough product per acre. We were seeing beans having a reaction in under 12 hours to the application. We could see a greener plant as well as healthier plants. I thought that the product was working but I really knew it was working when we harvested the crops and we were seeing soybean yields that matched conventional fertilizer programs. This is when I became a Monty’s man. We have been using these two products ever since.

Another product that works wonders in Nanoboost. We will go to the field when spraying Round-Up or 24d without 2 to 4 oz of Nannoboost in the mix. This product is a miracle worker. It helps to activate the 24d and Roundup, speeding up the kill time. Round up by itself would take 7 to 10 day when adding the Nanoboost we can see death in 2 to 4 days. We are also seeing it help Roundup to control tougher weeds.

This year I was introduced to Microhance. I positioned this product on soybeans and haven’t looked back. Besides having the micro nutrients we are adding Monty’s Liquid Carbon, sulfur and nitrogen. We have been using 1 qt to the acre and have seen increased yields. We also have seen better sustainability in the beans where we used this product this year. Even though it is year one with this product I think I will be using it years to come…

I recommend the Monty’s products because I believe in them. That’s the hardest step with me is getting me to believe in what you told me. Plus Monty’s will stand behind their products. Over the last several years using Monty’s Liquid Carbon product I have seen increased hair roots on corn which helps with greater nutrient up take. And anytime we can increase root development it helps to increase microbial activity. When the roots die we increase earth worm movement that helps make the soil work better. When the soil is working better we will always see increase yields. I feel that the carbon product is the first step for anyone going to try the Monty’s lineup. Carbon helps to make the soil better. Once you have started there and become a believer like me than try the Agrihance V or Agrihance R products. These products are step two in the Monty’s arsenal. You can see the product working shortly after application. The Microhance is a new and amazing product to use it is going to help you apply the essential micro nutrients when the plant needs them foliar.

Fall Winter Application

Anyone that has wheat or small grain planted should use 1 or 2 qt of carbon this fall on the small grain. Then next spring when making the nitrogen application to the small grain, add the Monty’s Carbon. We see reduced burn and more tillers.

If you have corn stubble, consider using 2 qt of the Monty’s Liquid Carbon. This is a great product to get the carbon out in the field this fall. If you’re looking to decease fodder in the field add 1 qt Agri-Sweet and the stalks will decompose over the winter leaving a good no-till seed bed in the spring to plant corn or beans into. Agri-Sweet is a product we used last year in a Stalk Decompose Study. We saw great results using the Carbon and Agri-Sweet together. I will be doing this study again this year on more acres.

If you’re going over the ground doing a fall Roundup program add 4 oz Nanoboost and 2 qt carbon. It will be the best investment you make. We need to increase soil structure and this is a great way. Carbon is an investment that will keep giving back.

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